Join Us

Looking to help make downtown Fredericksburg an even more vibrant, engaging, safe and fun place to be? Join FVMS as a volunteer! 

One average, it takes over 2,000 volunteer hours every year, making it clear that our program’s success — and thus the success of a dynamic, thriving downtown – hinges on the hard work of our dedicated volunteers. In fact, the director is currently the only paid staff member; every other person connected to FVMS is a volunteer.

By volunteering your time and energy with FVMS, you’re preserving Fredericksburg’s history and culture, working toward enhancing the downtown environment and bolstering Main Street’s growth as a productive, integral leader in the community.

We’re always looking for passionate, enthusiastic volunteers for short-term projects like planting flowers, installing holiday flags or setting up for Small Business Saturday and long-term commitments like joining a committee or our board. No matter how often or how long you can volunteer, your commitment ensures that downtown Fredericksburg continues to prosper and evolve.